The quality of natural...

As a company that represents naturality and purity, our goal is to provide all natural, healthy and high-quality products to our customers that they can consume safely and to maintain development and competitiveness of our company.

To achieve this, we comply with legal and technical regulatory requirements and apply rigorously the necessary control measures against all kinds of threats to our customers' health. We continuously improve the quality and safety of our products and efficiencies of our activities. TSE-ISO 9001:2008 and TS-ISO 22000:2005 certificates, which we have obtained thanks to our sustainable quality and high customer satisfaction, ensure continuity of our success activities.

Taking the ownership of natural flavors, Yörükoğlu sees it as a significant responsibility to protect environmental health and safety, to prevent environmental pollution and to ensure recycling. From the supply of our raw materials and inputs to the delivery of our products, we keep in the forefront the human health and the environment, not compromising hygiene and sanitation rules.

In addition to high-quality production,it is our priority to protect the health, safety and social rights of all our personnel. In order to improve training and motivation of our employees, we organize necessary studies to create and maintain the awareness of our personnel on quality, food security, environmental and occupational safety issues. In this context, we see our suppliers as our most important partners in establishing quality and safety.